“sight has to do with what we can see, but vision has to do with what we can be.”
“sight has to do with whatwe can see, but vision has to do with what we can be.”

About Us

AGD Associates LLC began operations in January 2012.  AGD's President, Tony Dockery, has been in the aviation industry for over 30 years starting his career with the airlines gaining a strong foundation in the inner workings of the airport environment.   Tony has worked on over 40 airports in the US and overseas gaining a full depth of experience to bring to your projects.  With Tony's leadership, AGD Associates is focused on providing the aviation community with consulting services to address overall strategic direction as well as the everyday operational issues that arise.


AGD Associates offers a variety of consulting services for the aviation community. Examples of our services include:

Strategic Planning

Project and Program Management

Terminal and Concourse Facility Programming and Planning

Apron Planning/Aircraft Parking

Peer Reviews

Aviation Facility Planning Studies

Detailed Aviation Facility Space Programming

Architectural Design

Baggage Handling System Planning

Federal Inspection Station Planning


Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Facility Planning and Programming


Cargo Facility Programming and Planning

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